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SkyCaddie SG2.5 Golf GPS Range Finder

This is the sleek and ultra-light model of the SkyCaddie series: so it's definitely the choice if you want to travel light. It has a backlit grayscale LCD screen. It calculates the distance to up to forty targets per hole in less than one second. It has SkyGolf's powerful IntelliGreen technology and with its Swiss engineering offers unmatched reliability.

Its battery gives up to fourteen hours of continuous use. The IntelliGreen technology give a graphical eagle's eye view of the green. SkyGolf's database offers 23,000 courses. You can check on SkyGolf's website whether any particular course is available there. These courses are all easily downloadable and there are different levels of annual membership (not included in the purchase of a SkyCaddie) depending upon how many courses you want to be able to store.

If you don't want a membership or your course is not available on the database, you can record the front, center and back of each green with you SkyCaddie in about ten seconds. 

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