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SkyCaddie Golf SGX Review

At the time of writing the SkyCaddie Golf SGX model has had 28 reviews of which 50% have rated it four or five stars. One states that "this Golf GPS Range Finder fulfills my expectations completely!....The display is brilliant and clear; the buttons work properly, and the most needed functions are reachable directly or very easy....This tool is really helpful, even for golf beginners (like me)."

Another reviewer says: " I love it - I use it every hole multiple times - I had tried the bushnell Yardage Pro XGC - but it didnt have all the features of my new SGX - the green view - and ability to manipulate yardage is simple hands down the best in the field. You can do so much more with a GPS unit than a laser - and it is accurate as my Bushnell Laser."

A further reviewer adds: "Read the instructions and had no problems at all with activating, syncing, downloading courses etc. Any updates to the SGX software automaticly get uploaded when you plug it into the computer. Very happy with my purchase. Would recommend this item to anyone who wants to improve thier game."

Another reviewer says: "I have had the Skycaddie SGX for several months now and can honestly say that it has greatly improved my course management. No more guessing and making stupid shots that cost strokes on the golf course."

Everyone seems to agree that this model has the clearest screen yet: "It has a very large screen that is easy to read in the sunlight and the battery goes down about 30% per round. You can easily play 36 holes with no recharge.".

However, some people have had problems syncing with their computer. For example, one says " I couldn't get the sync to work at first. I unplugged and and restarted a couple of times and then it synced and updated the firmware. After that it syncs the first time every time."

A few people don't like the joystick but it is possible to disable it and use other keys instead.