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SkyCaddie Golf GPS Rangefinders

Handheld GPS golf range finders are getting more and more popular and SkyCaddie have the most popular models. The United States Golf Association has now approved the use of gps rangefinders in golf.

SkyCaddie is the official rangefinder of several associations including the Professional Golfers' Association of America, the Canadian Professional Golfers' Association, PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, PGA of Germany and the Swedish PGA. I think this says something about the accuracy of SkyCaddies compared to other rangefinders.

In fact, the SkyCaddie was rated more accurate than lasers by a factor of three to two.

A golf range finder basically holds all the information about the golf course you're playing on and work in the same way as GPS units used for navigating in a car.

SkyCaddie has received the only Gold rating among six GPS rangefinders tested by Golf Digest magazine for the 2011 "Hot List." SkyCaddie has also been ranked number 1 in accuracy among distance measuring devices (GPS, lasers and smartphones) in a 2011 survey conducted by Golf Datatech.

In the case of SkyCaddie, mappers walk every golf course using survey grade equipment and record critical distances to hazards, layups and green targets.

So, if you haven't tried one yet, there's no doubt that it can make your golf round more enjoyable and improve your game. Here's a few ways it can help:

  • You will always have the exact yardage available without having to do any walking off. You can't rely on the markers which are unreliable.
  • You'll have the correct yardage to greens, to hazards and to the front and back of bunkers
  • It will improve your selection of a golf club because you will know the average yardage you hit with each club. This will give you confidence and help you to avoid getting penalties.
  • It will save you time because you'll never have to walk off yardages again.

Why not check out the SkyCaddie Linx or one of the other models at For more information about it, be sure to check out our SkyCaddie Lynx review and our other SkyCaddie reviews. 


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